Lessons from Long-Term Male Couples in
Non-Monogamous Relationships


Younger Gay Men’s Perspectives on Monogamy, Open Relationships and Gay Marriage

  • Because most of the couples who participated in our first study were in their 40’s or older, we are launching a follow-up study aimed at younger gay and bisexual men.

  • The new study consists of a short, 5 minute online survey. The survey asks about your current relationship and your perspectives on monogamy, non-monogamy, and gay marriage.

  • If you are 40 or younger, please complete the survey by clicking here.

  • We prefer participation of only one partner per couple
  • Participants whose partners are over 40 are also free to participate.
  • Although we are primarily recruiting participants who are currently coupled, single gay and bisexual men are also encouraged to participate.
  • All results will be anonymous and confidential.


Creating Healthy Open Relationships

This is a follow-up article to the original study offering suggestions on:


PLEASE NOTE: We recognize that by posting this study and maintaining this site we run the very real risk that the ‘Religious Right’ can use this information to further their efforts to fuel fear and deny LGBT’s the right to marry. And on a personal level, given we’re both independent professionals, we realize by being so open, we’re putting our incomes and livelihoods at stake. On the other hand, we know the tyranny that comes with trying to present our relationships and our community in a singular light and the cost of hiding important aspects of ourselves as individuals. As responsible individuals and responsible community members, we think the importance of providing accurate, honest portrayals of who we are, the relationships we’ve created, and what couples have found to work is worthy of taking that risk.
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