Most younger gay men seek monogamy, study suggests
Much higher numbers of younger gay men are seeking monogamy than previous generations, according to a new study. The Bay Area Reporter 1/12/2017

Younger Gay Men are Trending Toward Monogamous and Monogamish Relationships
92% of young single gay men expect to marry. The Good Men Project 12/15/2016

New Trends in Gay Male Relationship: The Choices Study
ETR – Education, Training, & Research. 11/2/16

Monogamy Is Making A Comeback Among Younger Gay Couples, Study Finds
After all this talk of open relationships and polyamorous love, a new study has just found that younger gay couples are trending toward monogamy once again. 9/22/16

Younger Gay Men Trending Toward Monogamy
San Francisco Baytimes 9/20/2016

The New Monogamists

Many gay couples negotiate open relationships
San Francisco Chronicle 7/16/2010

Beyond Monogamy: Lessons From Long-Term, Non-Monogamous Male Couples
The Body 6/22/10

Long-Term Non-Monogamous Male Couples
San Francisco Bay Times 3/4/10

Long Term Open Relationships – A New Survey
San Francisco Bay Times 11/15/07

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